CI-PAC Deliverables

CI-PAC project aims at the development of common methodology and software targeted at quantitative assessment of critical infrastructure sites, threatened by a chemicals malicious attack.

The project deliverables will be available European wide, targeted directly at the effective protection of critical infrastructure objects.

List of deliverables

IDDeliverable titleDelivery
1.1Legislature requirements / working paperM6
1.2Categories of potential high-risk chemicals WRT SEVESO, GHS / working paperM12
1.3Linkage between resiliency and effects of chemicals attack / working paperM12
2.1CI objects, their protection and impacts / working paperM12
2.2CI attack vectors / working paperM12
2.3Reference impacts of physical effects on CI objects / working paperM8
3.1.1Methods for quantitative assessment of CI protection systems / working paperM6
3.1.2Assessment method adjustment during implemetation / working paperM19
3.2.1Software requirements on structured PPS representation / working paperM6
3.2.3Software implementation parameter adjustments / working paperM19
3.3.1Critical infrastructure protection methodology against chemicals attack / methodologyM24
4.1.1Relational database of PPS effectiveness assessment toolM24
4.2.1Core executable software artifactsM24
4.3.1Front-end executable software artifactsM24
4.4.2Downloadable offline version of the toolM24
4.5.1Dissemination of the tool to the target groups / dissemination reportM20
4.5.2CI-PAC – PPS quantitative assessment tool / research papeM20